The Vacation Spots You Least Expected

With the state of the economy still pretty topsy-turvy, a lot of people are still eschewing the whole idea of a vacation because they are certain they cannot afford it. However, by going to some unexpected places instead, you will be surprised at what you can afford with more than enough left over for souvenirs!

Yunnan, China, for instance, how many people have thought of going there? But this home of the Tiger Leaping trail is an amazing place to visit, what with its ages-old temples, its quaint towns, and its gorgeous landscapes.

Or what about Languedoc, a charming town in France? Unlike Paris or Lyons, this town is not choked with tourists and gift shops. Instead, the hotels are lovely, the restaurants specializing in authentic fine dining experiences, and it is all in all a little slice of heaven.

Dining In The Dark: A New Trend!

Let’s say that you are planning a trip to San Francisco, LA or even San Diego – or just California in general and you are looking for a place to eat.  Well, I can tell you for sure that one of the hottest trends lately in the way of dining is dining in the dark.

Opaque is the restaurant and I can tell you for sure that being served in the pitch black is sweeping the nation.  Dining in the dark is not just one of the hottest trends out there, but I can tell you for sure that this particular trend is exciting.  First, you are going to arrive at a lighted lounge where you are going to select your desired three-course meal.

Next, you will be guided in a dark dining room where blind and visually-impaired specially trained waiters bring your food to you and provide any needed guidance.  The entire trend is different and you should absolutely dine in Opaque!

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