Fast Weight Loss Tips Part 3

Get on a Treadmill


There is a reason why 50 million people run for their dear life on treadmills each day. According to a study performed by the VA Medical Center and University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, that on average, people who run on the treadmill burn about 705 to 865. Compared to other exercise machines such as the stair machine, rowing machine, ski machines, and stationary bikes, treadmills had the best results. In fact, the American Medical Association ranked the treadmill as the #1 cardio machine out there.


No wonder, I always see scores of treadmills at the gym. Remember, losing weight is all about the balance between intake and output. Your body needs to intake food each day and use it for energy. Some of us don’t use enough of the energy during the day. Simply getting on a treadmill and walking a few miles or running will allow a person to consistently lose weight by the cardio exercise that it provides.


  1. 10 Minutes Before Bed


If you’re working hard to lose that extra weight, but you’re not looking any thinner, you should set aside 10-20 minutes each night to crack some crunches. You don’t need an hour. You don’t need 30 minutes. You only need a little break each day to do some ab exercises. Do it on your own, buy a machine, or ask a friend to join you. The key isn’t doing 200 sit-ups one day, and skipping it for a week. Remember to keep it consistent. Without consistency, your weight will only fluctuate without producing real results. Don’t push yourselves to do 100 sit-ups every day. Start slow, maybe about 25 every other day. As you feel more comfortable, push up the numbers. You don’t want to be comfortable! When you’re feeling comfortable, it means your muscles have gotten used to the exercise and won’t be pushed to tone itself. Keep it tight and keep it consistent! You’ll be able to see pleasant results within a few months.

You Are The Stair Master


So the elevator is one of the coolest (and most ingenious) inventions of mankind. Who could have imagined traveling 50 stories in under 30 seconds? But all that energy cut out from getting to higher places has only added to our belly fat. According to a recent study, people who took the stairs showed a 2% loss in body weight, increased activity by 8%, and decreased overall body pressure and fat content.

Find an Activity You Enjoy


If you dread getting on the treadmill for half an hour or you just can’t take another rep of lat-pulls, find an alternative! Don’t waste time, energy, and money on things you hate or don’t enjoy. Participating in an activity you enjoy will help you exercise and do it on a regular basis. Enjoying what you do provides more energy for your body, which helps you work out your body more. It doesn’t have to be a hard-contact sport. If you like shopping, take a break and walk around the mall for half an hour. Invest the time counting every calorie into something that will burn those calories!