Fast Weight Loss Tips Part 2

Eat More!


So, who ever heard of eating more to lose weight right? Well, this will rock your world as eating more fruits before heavy meals have been shown to be effective! Natural hygienists have been applauding this method for a while now. The theory behind this diet is to eat more fruits before meals and heavy meals cutting your overall carb and calorie intake by half sometimes even more. By doing so, when you intake fruits, you are eating foods that only contain simple sugars that do not require much digestion. While foods heavy in protein and starches take longer to digest. By taking in fruits before heavy meals, you cut your appetites in half and still supplement your diet with adequate nutrients that your body needs. This way, you are getting foods that will be good for your diet (and your health) while doing so will ensure you feel full so that you do not overeat.


Since you take in the most calories and fats when you eat out, a great weight loss tip is to stock up on fruits and eating them before you go out. If you know you’re going to a party where you’re likely to overeat or if you are just wanting to cut your meal size in half, eating healthy before you go to a food filled party can keep you full so that you don’t indulge any cravings that would derail your weight loss goals. So, yes eating more can pay off, if done correctly.

Reward Yourself


As you begin to see weight loss results don’t forget to reward your hard work. Your brain actually has a natural reward system that is triggered by chemical dopamines and endorphins which allows your body to feel satisfied.


Psychologically many experts have theorized, according to the measurement of brain activity and chemical production, rewarding yourself with treats will either tempt you less to binge or overeat during other times, or be more active throughout the rest of the day.


Many dieters often refer to experiences of “hitting a wall” or unable to find motivation because they often are spent after trying so hard to resist temptation. Maintaining balance and emotional stability to dieting is actually pretty important. In fact, you are more likely to stick to your diet and exercise routine if you reap some benefits before you reach your ultimate goal.


Whether it’s a snack you’ve been avoiding or a trip to the movies, rewards create extra incentive to maintain your weight loss goals. Set intervals that are appropriate and treat yourself when you reach them. The best part is, with a good carb or fat blocker you can literally prevent the fat, carbs, and even calories from absorbing into your system. The top carb and fat blocker on the market is also one of the best values as well. The proven dosage of 3 powerful ingredients will help you experience more powerful weight loss supplement, even better the prescription weight loss pills without the side effects and high price tag.